Accepted for SEQ

Regular Paper Talks

  • Birte Kehr, Pall Melsted and Bjarni Halldorsson
    PopIns: population-scale detection of novel sequence insertions
  • Monica Golumbeanu, Pejman Mohammadi and Niko Beerenwinkel
    Probabilistic modeling of occurring substitutions in PAR-CLIP data
  • Yuzhen Ye and Haixu Tang
    Utilizing de Bruijn graph of metagenome assembly for metatranscriptome analysis
  • Nicolas Bray and Lior Pachter
    Rank Regularized RNA-seq
  • Jie Ren, Kai Song, Minghua Deng, Gesine Reinert, Chuck Cannon and Fengzhu Sun
    Inference of Markovian Properties of Molecular Sequences from NGS Data and Applications to Comparative Genomics
  • Davide Verzotto, Audrey S.M. Teo, Axel Hillmer and Niranjan Nagarajan
    Index-based map-to-sequence alignment in large eukaryotic genomes
  • Highlight Talks

  • Benjamin Buchfink, Chao Xie and Daniel Huson
    Fast and Sensitive Protein Alignment using DIAMOND
  • Raluca Uricaru, Guillaume Rizk, Vincent Lacroix, Elsa Quillery, Olivier Plantard, Rayan Chikhi, Claire Lemaitre and Pierre Peterlongo
    DiscoSnp: Reference-free detection of isolated SNPs
  • Nathanael Fillmore, Bo Li, Yongsheng Bai, Mike Collins, James A. Thompson, Ron Stewart and Colin N. Dewey
    Evaluation of de novo transcriptome assemblies from RNA-Seq data
  • Faraz Hach, Ibrahim Numanagic and S. Cenk Sahinalp
    DeeZ: reference-based compression by local assembly
  • Short Talks

  • Alessandro Mammana and Ho-Ryun Chung,
    Chromatin segmentation with a joint model for reads explains a larger portion of the epigenome
  • Aaron Lun and Gordon Smyth
    Using csaw to detect differentially bound regions in ChIP-seq data
  • Norbert Dojer, Abhishek Mitra, Yea-Lih Lin, Anna Kubicka, Magdalena Skrzypczak, Krzysztof Ginalski, Philippe Pasero and Maga Rowicka
    Computational detection of DNA double-stranded breaks and inferring mechanisms of their formation
  • David Seifert, Francesca Di Giallonardo, Karin J. Metzner, Huldrych F. Günthard and Niko Beerenwinkel
    A Framework for Inferring Fitness Landscapes of Patient-Derived Viruses Using Quasispecies Theory
  • Damian Wójtowicz, Fedor Kouzine, Arito Yamane, Craig J. Benham, Rafael C. Casellas, David Levens and Teresa M. Przytycka
    Genome-wide Mapping and computational analysis of non-B DNA structures in vivo
  • Posters

  • Aleksandra Swiercz, Dorota Kowalczywiewicz, Luiza Handschuh, Katarzyna Lesniak, Marek Figlerowicz and Jan Wrzesinski
    Deep sequencing characterization of Sus scrofa piRNA fraction shared between female and male gonads
  • Michał Kierzynka, Wojciech Frohmberg, Jacek Błażewicz, Piotr Żurkowski, Marta Kasprzak and Paweł Wojciechowski
    GPU-accelerated whole genome assembly
  • Shaun Jackman, Karthika Raghavan, Benjamin Vandervalk, Daniel Paulino, Justin Chu, Hamid Mohamadi, Anthony Raymond, Rene Warren and Inanc Birol
    Scaling ABySS to longer reads using spaced k-mers and Bloom filters
  • Samuel K. Handelman, Michal Seweryn, Ryan M. Smith, Katherine Hartmann, Danxin Wang, Maciej Pietrzak, Andrew D. Johnson, Andrzej Kloczkowski, Wolfgang Sadee
    Conditional Entropy in Variation-Adjusted Windows Detects Positive Selection Signatures Relevant to Next Generation Sequencing